Explore Blue Water Trail South

You begin your adventure at Pinawa Dam. Horseback Riders WelcomeAs you leave the Park you walk past a heritage home that will be moved to a location in Lac du Bonnet in the future. You have your choice of cross-country cycle trails for riding enthusiasts or easy walking surfaces for the hiker looking for a variety of terrains. At the bank of the Winnipeg River a cairn marks the historic Eastern Boundary of Manitoba.

From there you proceed across the river. You will find yourself on miles of relatively flat land as you walk the dyke to Great Falls or you can explore the beauty of Blue Berry Rock. This granite outcropping, five kilometres from the Town of Lac du Bonnet, lends itself to Historic Sites Along the Way the naturalist who wishes to walk a rocky terrain and explore the variety of vegetation along the trail. With a lookout tower that provides a great view of the river to the north, it is a place for a well-deserved rest.

You can stop and admire the flora and fauna or continue along the trail to Great Falls where we pass the McArthur Dam Generating Station. This generating station has the distinction of being the largest hydroelectric producer in the world operating with the lowest head of seven meters.

Restaurants and hotel accommodations are located in and around Lac du Bonnet.

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