Welcome to the Pinawa Trail

Pinawa Suspension Bridge You can begin this trail at the Seven Sisters Falls Generation Station, the highest dam head on the Winnipeg River. Travel along the north dyke of Natalie Lake to enter a mixed forest coming to the start of the Ironwood Interpretive Trail. It is an easier walk through an urban park skirting the Winnipeg River and Goldeneye Pass. Stop and view the Pinawa Heritage Sundial at the center of the Pinawa town site.

Continue along the trail to the rock Diversion Dam at the start of the Pinawa Channel. Observe the rock pile created while Have a Picnic in this Lovely Gazeboenlarging the channel in 1903 to 1906 to increase water flow to the Pinawa Dam.

Carry on along the north bank of the channel to the suspension bridge and rest at the pavilion. Proceed north along the Alice Chambers Trail, which at one time was the Winnipeg Electric Streetcar Company Road.

The tread descends to follow the west bank of the Pinawa Channel marsh to the rapids at the marsh outlet and ascends to the old buggy road. It connects to the west dyke of the Pinawa Dam. Soon the remains of the first year round operating hydroelectric generating station Photograph Interesting Landmarks in Manitoba comes into view. It ran from 1906 to 1951 and is now the Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park.

Restaurants and hotel accommodations are located in Pinawa.

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